About us

About Us

Our exclusive brand represents quality and value. Ours are niche products, carefully researched and sourced from local producers and suppliers.

We are a proudly West Australian company that has been operating within The Fremantle Markets and other localities for over 17 years. Our beans are roasted daily in W.A. and is recognised as being the affordable bean of the premium market. The core Coffee Connection range includes Pure, Blended and Flavoured Coffee beans, Fine Tea, Confectionary and a large range of brewing accessories. We are located at The Fremantle Markets 1897 as well as The Malaga and Wanneroo Markets & Plaza Arcade ( Infusions only ) Perth City.

What is Flavoured Coffee?

Being human, when we find a good thing like coffee we naturally try to make it even better. That is what flavoured coffee is all about, making coffee more appealing by adding complementary flavours.

The history of flavouring coffee is actually almost as old as coffee itself. It began with cinnamon, cardamom and even pepper. All of these ingredients happened to be part of the spice trade running through the original coffee growing areas around the Horn of Africa. Hence it was only natural to try adding them to coffee, thus creating the effect of “Aromatherapy in a Cup.”

Our flavours are derived from the natural plant itself where applicable, as well as mimicking the natural oil and aromatic flavour components of the targeted taste.

How Do We Flavour Our Coffee?

How is the fresh and legendary Roasted Coffee infused with the targeted taste, and what type of beans do we flavour?

At Coffee Connection, aiming for both quality and consistency, we roast 100% Arabica coffee beans sourced from South America, that we have combined onsite with the unique flavour ingredients, to create the popular blend we use for our flavoured coffees. Every week we roast on demand to fill our customer and store orders so that all our customers always get the freshest roasted and flavoured beans possible. We know our clients are satisfied with the result, based on their testimonials on our website.

Following the roasting of the beans, we allow them to cool and upon reaching room temperature, they are then infused with our natural flavours and slowly blended into the beans. Once fully absorbed, we immediately package them up to capture the aromas.

As these flavours are now absorbed fully within the bean, the best way to enjoy our coffee is to simply grind on demand to get the best taste out of your coffee. The delicious and distinctive aromas that permeate all around the area where the coffee has just been ground add to the special experience of enjoying one of our coffees. . We find our flavoured coffees are rather addictive, so please try to enjoy in moderation!

If you don’t have a coffee grinder, please store your pre-ground coffee in an an air tight container and use within 4-6 weeks of purchase. Our coffee does not contain any traces of nuts or seeds.

Our coffee does not contain any traces of nuts or seeds.