• Custom Branding

    Choose your own photos so we can rotate them during the event!

  • Up to 90 Coffees per hour

    Efficient and Skilled Barista will deliver delicious coffee to your guests without any queueing!

  • Up to standard

    We make sure our policies and safety standards are always valid!

Our Innovative Coffee Carts are equipped with built-in TV screens, so they can display on rotatation images of your event/corporate branding.

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  • $50 Per Hour

    Coffee Cart

    3 hour minimum

  • $50 per hour


    3 hour minimum

  • $3 per cup

    Consumption Fee

    80 cup minimum

The consumption fee includes the coffee beans, milk (full cream, skim, barista soya, almond, oat milk, lactose free), cups & lids, stirrers, decaf coffee, hot chocolate, tea (3 types) & chai, raw sugar & equal.


Below is a quote for minimum call out ( 3 hours, 1 barista & minimum 80 beverages)

  • $150 Cart

    ( 3 Hours X $50 )

  • $150 Barista

    ( 3 Hours X $50 )

  • $240 for 80 beverages

    (80 X $3)

TOTAL $540 GST Excluded

The cart is functional: it will fit into any standard size elevator and fit through any standard door. To operate it, all that’s required is 2 x 10-amp power points (one 10amp minimum) as the cart has its own water supply and waste catchment, twin sink, tap/mixer + hot water system with on-board fridge, which meet all relevant health dept requirements and standards.

The cart is registered as a food business, is fully covered by public liability insurance and is fully tagged.

Should you have any queries or wish to make a reservation please do not hesitate to contact us.