There’s no doubt about it; we are a nation full of coffee lovers; 75% of us enjoy a cup of coffee daily and, on average, 14 cups a week. Fourteen cups of delicious black inky coffee is a lot of getting stuff done with a buzz in your step. But is it time to take a step back from caffeine?

Do we need to Decaf-the-nation?

Decaf coffee has been around since 1903, so it’s not a new thing but let’s face it, there’s a bit of a “death before decaf” attitude around it. A lot of which has to do with the taste. Yes, the old process of making coffee decaf mainly involved soaking the beans in the same stuff used in paint stripper or nail polish remover. No one wants beans with an aftertaste of chemicals.

How do we make great-tasting coffee that’s also decaf?

We use “The Swiss Water Method”, which is environmentally friendly & chemical free. It results in coffee beans that are 99.9% caffeine free and just as tasty as their caffeinated counterparts. The quick rundown is that green coffee beans are given a long soak in natural water, removing the caffeine while keeping the natural flavour and taste of the beans. From there, we roast and flavour them like our regular beans. Leaving you with beans full of flavour but without the caffeine kick. For the nitty-gritty of how the Swiss Water method works, the long science version is here if you want to check it out. We use this method because it’s chemical-free, natural, and removes 99.9% of the caffeine, but most importantly of all, it leaves the beans tasting just as good as caffeinated beans. Our entire range of flavoured coffee beans and house blend coffee is available as decaf. But is the Decaf stigma just about taste? Or is there a deeper meaning, a hidden social stigma that if you aren’t caffeinated at all times and living your full caffeine coffee life, then you mustn’t be busy enough, tired enough, productive enough or just caffeinated enough? Coffee has long been a remedy for tired mums, busy business people, early morning hangovers and those days where it all feels a bit much, and you need to push through anyway. So does drinking decaf mean you aren’t doing enough? God, no, let’s face it, you are probably if anything doing too much. But it might be time to look at your coffee habits and work out if you're drinking it out of habit or necessity. Do you need that extra buzz? Or is it that ordering decaf makes you feel a bit off? If you are finding your days are starting to look & feel a bit like this:
  • Headaches,
  • Upped anxiety levels
  • Sleepless nights
  • Restlessness
  • And dependency (i.e. you have to keep drinking more cups to get the same awake feeling)
Then great-tasting decaf coffee beans might be the answer your looking for. Don’t get us wrong caffeinated coffee has many health benefits, but like everything, it’s not so great when you overdo it. Swapping out one or two of your caffeinated coffees for a decaf is a great way to enjoy the taste and comfort coffee brings without the caffeine overload. Cutting back on the caffeine is a great way to ensure your head stays clear, your sleep isn’t interrupted, and your anxiety levels aren’t hitting new heights.

What’s the point of decaf?

Aside from the health benefits above or the fact it now tastes just as great as regular coffee, theres one last stigma decaf faces. What’s the point? Why drink coffee without caffeine? Because coffee is more than just a caffeine hit, it’s a time out, a moment to enjoy, a burst of flavour, a hug in a mug, a treat, a meditation, an enjoyment. It’s the cup that three-quarters of us enjoy enough to drink at least once if not twice, daily. Life is too short for bad coffee decaf or not. That's why our decaffeinated coffee beans contain the same rich, deep flavours that our caffeinated coffee beans have. We guarantee that you won’t even taste the difference. All flavoured coffee beans and house blend coffee are available in decaf. Mix and match your order so you’ve always got coffee to give you a kickstart in the morning and coffee to wind down that won’t keep you up at night. It’s time to Decaf-the-nation without compromising on taste. Magda & Justin
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