How we flavour coffee beans? Behind the scenes

How we flavour coffee beans? Behind the scenes

​​Welcome to the world of flavoured coffee! For over 20 years, The Coffee Connection has been making beans full of flavour, and we want to share the flavour magic behind what turns every bean into a cup of deliciousness. Making the perfect flavour-infused coffee beans is part science, part at-home-workout and 100% driven by creating taste perfection.

We start with 100% Arabica beans from Brazil, which we freshly roast to a medium dark roast. They serve as the perfect base for flavoured coffee with a super smooth and balanced foundation that is ideal for layering with flavours.

Once roasted, we give them a little rest; for up to 5 days, the roasted Brazilian beans are left to sit back, relax and develop the rich and deep flavour profile our coffee is known for.

From there, we infuse the beans with flavour by hand. As an Aussie-based small business, we focus on making small batches of beans that are flavourful, ensuring each bean is infused to perfection. For us, this means working with 3kg of beans at a time, so we know that every bag we send and every cup is flavoured perfectly.

We infuse our small batches of beans with natural flavours such as vanilla, caramel, chocolate, cinnamon and hazelnut. Then, taking inspiration from popular recipes, desserts and drinks, we carefully blend flavours to create our signature range of deliciously flavoured coffee.

When creating each flavour profile, our focus is on natural flavours designed to accent the smooth, balanced taste of the coffee beans. Each flavour works together to bring about a unique taste without overwhelming the senses. From the fresh aroma of a new bag of beans to the last sip of a cup, it’s a tasting delight.

Once the roasted beans have rested, we carefully measure the exact amount required for the small batch and from there, the at-home workout begins.

Think bartender mixing a cocktail in a shaker but replace that with Justin (our resident coffee expert) shaking up 3kg bags of coffee beans. Yes, every bag is flavoured and mixed by hand! Those beans get shaken..not stirred…for several minutes and Justin gets his workout at the same time.

Each batch of newly flavoured beans rests and recovers overnight after their workout. This allows the flavours to infuse deep into each bean, bringing out the best of the flavour and coffee combination.

From there, the beans are ready to go. We pack and send them off to the homes of coffee lovers all over Australia, or if you’re lucky enough to be in Perth, then you can try them at our stall in Freo Markets.

To get the most out of your flavoured coffee beans, we recommend storing them in an airtight container in a dark, cool environment. They will easily keep fresh for a month. If you buy beans, we recommend grinding as needed.

All our flavoured beans are available in a range of grinds and with some decaf options, making them ideal for a morning pick-me-up or an evening treat that won’t cause you to lose any sleep.

We hope you enjoyed learning about the process of making flavoured coffee. Next time you enjoy a cup of our delicious brew, you'll know exactly what goes into creating such a special cup. From sourcing the highest quality beans to infusing them with natural flavours and shaking them by hand, every step of the process are carefully considered to bring you the best possible flavoured coffee experience.

Thank you for choosing The Coffee Connection, and Happy Sipping!

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