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Tips for making great Coffee

Be the barista hero of your own home with these top tips for making the best coffee at home.

Beans: The lighter the roast, the fruitier and the spicier the flavour. Dark roasted beans offer a more robust “coffee” flavour. No matter your roast preference, fresh is best; try to use beans within 4 to 6 weeks of roasting and store them in an airtight container in a cool, dry, dark place. Avoid the fridge or freezer as you don’t want moisture trapped in the bag. Grind: If you can grind on demand, it keeps the coffee fresher for longer, but if grinding isn’t your thing, we are happy to grind for you. We grind on demand when you order and offer varying grind sizes to suit different coffee-making options. The grind size will impact the overall taste; if too coarse, you lose flavour, and if too fine, it may taste burnt. All our beans are available in the following grind sizes:
Plunger / French press Medium-Coarse
Drip / Filter Medium
Moke Pot Medium-Fine
Espresso Machine Fine
How much to use: While this is a personal preference regarding how many shots you want, it’s worth knowing that approximately 1 heaped tablespoon (9-11grams) is 1 shot and 2 tablespoons is a double shot of coffee. Water: Espresso is 90% water, so if you live in a hard water area or don’t love the taste of your tap water, we recommend using filtered water for a next-level coffee. Temperature: Boiling is too hot; much like us, coffee doesn’t love boiling hot temperatures. It can leave it with a strong bitter taste. To get the best flavour, use water that is around 90-95degrees; ok, that’s quite specific but try to use water just before it boils or let it cool a bit after it's boiled. Lighter roasts can tolerate a bit more heat, but slightly cooler is better for darker roasts. Plunger Coffee Making: Preheat the plunger with hot water, then add ground coffee. Wait 1-2 minutes before pouring in boiling water, stir it in and let the coffee sit for 3-4 minutes. Plunge, then serve. Tamping Coffee: If you are making coffee and tamping is involved, the goal is to get an even, level surface for the water to go through. Ideally, you’ll end up with a shot of coffee that’s got a golden hazel-brown coloured crema that lasts. Shots should start as a drip and then continue pouring consistently for 22-28 seconds. There you have it, some top tips for becoming the barista hero of your own home, and it goes without saying our beans make some of the best home-brewed coffee around. Shop pure blends or treat yourself to a flavoured bean. Happy Brewing!
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